Public Information Section – Presentations

Wisense Seminar #133, 14 Jan 2016, Dr. A. Chehri

WiSense Seminar #132, Le Thanh Tan, 27 August 2015

WiSense Seminar #131, M. Upal Mahfuz, 13 Aug 2015

WiSense Seminar #130, 16 July 2015, Mahmoud Gad

WiSense Seminar #129 K. Khan, July 16, 2015 part 1

WiSense Seminar #129 K. Khan, July 16, 2015 part 2

WiSense Seminar #128, Hans Molin, SyntroCIS 2 July, 2015

WiSense Seminar #127 Ala Abu Alkheir. 04 June 2015

WiSense Seminar #125, Body Area Network Implications for Rehabilitation, Dr. Lori Walton, Mar 2015

WiSense Seminar #124, YamenNasrallah 29 Jan 2015

WiSense Seminar #123, Innovation, Tantawy , 19 Nov 2014

WiSense Seminar #122, Predictive Radio Access Networks, Hatem Abou-zeid, 9 Oct 2014

WiSense Seminar #121, Improving the performance of wireless networks, S.Baz Khan

WiSense Seminar #120, Stability and Control of Infection Diffusion, A Khanafer

WiSense Seminar #119, A Hidden Markov Model Security Scheme, A. Dahbi, H.Mouftah

WiSense Seminar #118, Application of Al and Sensory Systems for Energy Management, B. Qela118

WiSense Seminar #117, Entrepreneurship and Creation of Toposis, Tet Yeap

WiSense Seminar #116, Networks and Architectures for Connected Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid, Dr. Melike Erol Kantarci 24 Apr 2014[1]

WiSense Seminar #115, Models and Protocols for V2G Interactions, Dhaou SAID

Wisense Seminar #114, Managing City Traffic Using Wireless Sensor Networks, M.Rahman,

WiSense Seminar #113, Impact of Variable CCA Periods on Efficiency of IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Protocol, M.Guennoun_13 Mar 2014

WiSense Seminar #112, Routing in Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks, Mahmoud Gad

WiSense Seminar #111, Applications of Homomorphic Encryption, Youssef Gahi

WiSense Seminar #110, Dr. Periklis Chatzimisios, Standardization Activities and Research Challenges

WiSense Seminar #109, Timothy Denton. How the law thinks about communications technologies

WiSense Seminar #108, An Overview of the IEC 61850 Standard, Al-Anbnagi, 16 Jan 2014

WiSense Seminar #107. Jordan Melzer, Cloud Radio, 5 Dec.2013

WiSense Seminar #106, LTE Technology and Its Application in Public Safety, Amr El Mougy 21 Nov 2013

Wisense Seminar #105, Lightweight Public Key Infrastructure for Vehicle-to-Grid Commun.., Binod Vaidya 6 Nov 1203

WiSense Seminar #104, Considerations for creating secure links and cryptographic systems using a low cost single board computer, P. Chapman

Wisense Seminar #103, Unleashing the Full Potential of Mobile Devices, K. Elgazzar

WiSense Seminar #102., An Adaptive QoS Scheme for WSN’s in Delay Critical Smart Grid, Applecations I.. Al-Anbagi and H.Mouftah

WiSense Seminar #101 Energy-aware Cooperative , N. AbuAli 15 Aug 2013

WiSense Seminar #100, GS1 CA IOT, V2.3 31 Jul 2013

WiSense Seminar #99 , Md.M.Hasan, Smart Cities-Adaptation and Integration of Technologies 30 May 2013

WiSense Seminar #98, A. Dahbi, Secured Distributed Discovery Services in the EPCglobal Network, 16 May 2013

WiSense Seminar #97 Mobile Multihop Networking – A Long Shot beyond Line of Sight, Dr. L. Li of CRC 25 Apr 2013

WiSense Seminar #96, Cloud Data Centres Sustainability, Emerging Standards and the Internet of Things, A. Robinson, 11 Apr 2013

WiSense Seminar #95, Improving Public Safety Interoperability, P. Jones

WiSense Seminar #94, Implemintation of RSA Cryptography on RFID Tags, A.Dighe, T.Yeap

WiSense Seminar #93, Improving Public Safety Interoperability, Michael Sullivan,

WiSense Seminar #92, Improving security and usability of low cost RFID tags, Ali Noman

WiSense Seminar #91 part 2, Using Cognative Networking, Amr El-Mougy, 24 Jan 2013

WiSense Seminar #91 part 1, Local Control Based Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks, Peng Hu

WiSenseSeminar #90, B. Kantarci and H. Mouftah, energy-efficient Machine-To-Machine Communications

WiSense Seminar #89, Shedding Light on Future Wireless Communications, Dr. S. Ikki, Nov 29 2012

Wisense Seminar #88,Personal Identity Provider,Brian McBride 15 Nov 2012

WiSense Seminar #87, PANDA, P. Boone & Wlodek Olesinski -Nov1-2012

Wisense Semnar #86, A Novel Framework of Message Scheduling in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) with Buffer Limitation, Ho Pin-Han-Oct25-2012

WiSense Seminar #85 A. A. Alkheir, Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks 18 Oct.2012

WiSense Seminar #84, RFID Readers Networks, A Jedda, 04.10.2012

 WiSense_Seminar #83, Joint Optimal Relay Assignment and Power Allocation in Cooperative Cellular Networks, Dr. M.Faisal Uddin 20 Sep 201

WiSense Seminar #82, Dr. M.Bhuiyan, I-MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks 6 Sep 2012

WiSense Seminar #81, Levaraging Knowledge to Increase Responsiveness, R_ Carriere, M_ Hurst, 23 Aug 12

WiSense Seminar #80, Wireless Optical Communication Systems, 20 July, 2012.

WiSense Seminar #79, Selling Out!, Peter Jones, June 21

WiSense Seminar #77_Entrepreneur_Peter Chapman_ 23.02.2012

Wisense Seminar #76, Security Considerations in RFID based Supply Chain Management Systems, B.Vaidya, May 17 2012

Wisense Seminar #75, Security Considerations in RFID based Supply Chain Management Systems, B.Vaidya, May 17 2012

WiSense Seminar #74-EPON-LTE-BurakKantarci 19 Apr l2012

WiSense Seminar #73,Strategic Alliance as a Small Business Growth Strategy, Peter MacKinnon, 5_04_2012

Wisense Seminar #72, Internet of Things, 22.03.2012

WiSense Seminar #71_Entrepreneur_Peter Chapman_ 23.02.2012

WiSense Seminar #70, Routing Algorithms for Cognative Radio Networks, M. Gad, 26 Jan 2012

WiSense Seminar #69, Green Smart Dust Networks, J.H. Sarker, 12 Jan 12

WiSense Seminar #68 RFID Directions and Applications, M. Bolic 15 Dec 2011

Wisense Seminar #67, Feature-based Neural Network Approach for Blood Pressure Estim., M. Forozanfar, 3 Dec 2011

Wisense Seminar #66, AAKhan&HTMouftah, web Services For Indoor Energy Mgt

WiSense Seminar #65 J. Sarker, Secured Operating Regions of Slotted ALOHA. 3 Nov,2011

Wisense Seminar #64, Melike Erol-Kantarci and H. Mouftah, How will the smart grid…20 Oct 1011

WiSense Seminar #63EPCglobal Presentation

WiSense Seminar #62, Petar Djukic, Underwater Network Research, 22 Sep. 2011

WisenseSeminar #61, Energy Efficient Cloud Computing , B.Kantarci, H. Mouftah 8 Sep.2011

WiSense Seminar #59, Cross-Layer Design for Wireles Sensor Networks, A. Chehri

WiSense Seminar #57, Smart Grid Metrics, A. Robinson, 16 June, 2011

WiSense Seminar #56, Evolved Packet System The Next Generation Mobile Network for 4G systems,Khalid Ali, 19.05.2011

WiSense Seminar #55 Majid Mafi, “Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurement & Pulse Morphology” 5 May 2011

WiSense Seminar #54, Dhodhi, AQUA-NE,T 21 Apr 2011

WiSense Seminar #53, Mounib Khanafer Apr_07_2011

WisesneSeminar #52 Al-Turjman, Grid-Based Deployment For Wireless Sensor, Mar_ 24_ 2011

Wisense Seminar #51, Melike-Erolkantarci

WiSense Seminar #50, Quality of Service Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks, E.Elmallah 24Feb 2011

WiSense Seminar #49 M. Ebada, Multipath Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks, Feb.10, 2011

WiSense Seminar #48 Rainer, 27 Jan 2011

WiSense Seminar #47 Cellular IP,Mazen Khair 13 Jan 2011

WiSense Seminar #43-Jason LaValley, Next Generation Randomized RFID,14 Octr2010

WiSense Seminar #42, Tarek Sheltami, ECG Medical SensorNetworking,30September2010

WiSense Seminar #41, El-Khamy, Challenges in Cognitive Radio Wireless Sensor Networks 9 Sep 2010

WiSense Seminar #41, El-Khamy, “Behavior, cognitive, and other personal factors, and environmental influences all operate interactively,09Sep2010

WiSense Seminar #40 Clustering Challenges and Open Issues in WSNs v3

WiSenseSeminar #39_Rami_Aug_12_2010.

WiSense Seminar #38, Sarker, Security improvement of Slotted ALOHA in the Presence of Attacking Signals-29th July,2010

WiSense Seminar #37 Mounib Khanafer,Adaptive Sleeping Periods in ZigBeefor Efficient Energy Savings MarkovBased Theoretical Analysis, July 15 2010

WiSense Seminar #34- Bill St Arnaud Building Worlds First “5G” Network, 22April2010

WiSense Seminar #33 Naoua, Power Management & Interferences, 8Ap 2010

WiSense Seminar #32, Erol Kantarci,Wireless Sensor Networks for,25Mar2010

WiSense Seminar#31 Khaled Ali’s presentation March 11, 2010.pdf

WiSense Seminar #30 J. Gllardo, On modeling contention-based MAC protocols, Feb 25-2010

WiSense Seminar #29, Osama Aboul-Magd, EEE80215 WPAN Overview,11 February2010x

WiSense Seminar#28, Osama Aboul-Magd, Ieee, 80211-WLAN-Standards,28January2010

WiSense Seminar#27, Khanafer. WSN Architectures for Intelligent Transportation Systems,26 Nov 09

WiSense Seminar #25, Nikhil Adnani, High Performance RF Sensors for29October2009

WiSense Seminar#24, Andrew Fisher, Wesley Clover 15Oct2009

Wisense Seminar #23, JSmith, STForesight, 01 Oct091

WiSense Seminar #22, Valcou, Improving Public Safety,17 Sep2009

WiSense Seminar #19mSecure_Privacy_VANETs_Ottawa Pin-Han 6.08.2009

WiSense Seminar #18, Pin-Han Ho, Secure Privacy VANETs Ottawa

Wisense Seminar #17, Peter-Chapmanaims, Biometrics 28 May2009

Wisense Seminar #15 Jose Gallardo- Mare-an Eefficient Mac-for Mesh nets 30 April 2009

WiSense Seminar #12, X.Bao, Dynamic sensor, 19 Mar 2009

Wisense Seminar #11 Raed Jarrar, Prediction Based Virtual Environment Streaming for Mobile Devices, 5 Mar 20091

Wisense Seminar #10 Miodrag Bolic, Rfid Technology,19 Feb 2009

WisenseSeminar #9, Maha Abousharkh, Data Aggregation, 5 Feb 2009

WisenseSseminar #8, Yong linren, Sensornet Work Security 22 Feb 2009

Wisense Seminar #7 p2 Alain Moutham, Next Generation Wireless Sensors for Healthcare, 8 Jan 2009

Wisense Seminar #7 p1 Liam Peyton, Wisense Telemedicine, 8 Jan 2009

Wisense Seminar #6, Peter Mackinnon, Wisense Project Overview, v2, 27 Nov 2008

Wisense Seminar #5 Marwan Fayed, Building on Graph Properties,13 Nov 2008

Wisense Seminar #4 Rami Zachari, Current Trends in Wireless Sensor Networks, 30 October 2008

Wisense Seminar #3, Ali Nezhad, Wireless Sensor Network, 16 October 2008

Wisense Seminar #2, Jose Gallardomy, Past and Current Research 2 Oct 2008

Wisense Seminar #1, Jose Gallardo, Performance Analysis of an IEEE 802,11p WAVE Network, 17 Sep 2008

WiSense Workshop 2009 – Ottawa,ON

WiSense Opening Remarks from Project PI Prof. Hussein Mouftah




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