Theme 6: Test Bed Development

Theme Leader: Dr. Hussein Mouftah, SITE, University of Ottawa

The intent is to design and build a test bed for studying networking and protocol issues (e.g. local versus network computations) and their performance over a long period of time. This is essential to verify stability and robustness of large-scale embedded sensor networks. The test bed sensor network will be heterogeneous in nature including both low-bandwidth sensors (e.g. microphones and various detectors) and large-bandwidth sensors (e.g. video cameras). The impact of sensor mobility on the network will be studied. Researchers at the University of California Berkeley and other renowned institutions have built several generations of wireless sensor devices (motes) and tiny OS-based network layers, as well as a series of modest test beds. Typically, these test beds have an array of nodes deployed over a volume of space in which experimental wireless protocols are tested. An additional ‘back-channel’ is constructed to access, control, and instrument the wireless network. The newest generation of motes eliminates the expensive and cumbersome programming apparatus, which also provided wired back channel access, and provides a direct USB connection.

The test bed we plan to build will be versatile enough to cover for the mentioned deficiencies and to allow for evaluation of performance of selected sensors (emphasis on video face recognition). Where emergency preparedness and response applications are concerned, the planned test bed will be capable of emulating the performance of first-responders (equipped with appropriate sensor devices) during selected emergencies. The test bed will also be designed with built-in interfaces to interwork with RFID networks which to date have wide spread applications.

Theme 6 Research Projects:
  • Reconfigurable Test Bed: Project Leader Dr. Mohamed Ibnkahla, School of Computing, Queen’s University
  • RFID/Sensor Network Interfaces: Project Leader Dr. Miodrag Bolic, SITE, University of Ottawa
  • Web-Services-based Test-bed: Project Leader Dr. Liam Peyton, SITE, University of Ottawa
  • Mobile Test-bed Interfaces: Project Leaders Dr. Dimitrios Makrakis and Dr. Xiaoyi Bao, SITE, University of Ottawa
  • Test Bed System Integration: Project Leader Dr. Hussein Mouftah, SITE, University of Ottawa
  • Next Generation RFID: Project Leader Dr. Tet Yeap, SITE, University of Ottawa


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