Theme 1: Architecture

Theme Leaders: Dr. Hussein Mouftah and Dr. Dimitry Makrakis, SITE, University of Ottawa

Research in Theme 1 explores different wireless technologies such as WiMax, WiFi, mesh, ad hoc and metropolitan area networks. Theme 1 research takes into account the following objectives:

  • Support of fixed and mobile platforms
  • Support of real-time and/or highly critical sensor information
  • Support of unicast and multicast
  • Support of user id and location privacy, fast user authentication and information privacy
  • Fault tolerance to enable the network to sustain considerable damage without loss of critical functions.
  • Reducing power consumption demands is a topic that will receive considerable attention in order to achieve:
    • Improved power aware hardware, software, algorithms and protocols to enable design of smaller, lighter and longer living sensors and mobile units
    • Ability to operate at lower signal levels enhances the security of information as well as user id/location anonymity
    • Reduction of operations costs
Theme 1 Research Projects:
  • Physical and link layers (coding, routing, QoS: Project Leader Dr. Dimitrios Makrakis, SITE, University of Ottawa
  • Wireless Channel and Sensor traffic modeling: Project Leaders are Dr. Dimitrios Makrakis and Dr. Ali Miri, SITE, University of Ottawa
  • Wireless mesh networking: Project Leader Dr. Hussein Mouftah, SITE, University of Ottawa


WiSense is supported by a grant from the Government of Ontario. Click HERE to visit the website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation.


University of Ottawa is the Lead Institution managing the WiSense Project